Hooray!!! It’s the Sun

Sweet Jeebus, the sun is out today. It seems so long since it’s last appearance I thought it may have left us for good. I am still pushing forward to spring and believe it or not I am applying for my permanent resident card to move to the US. My husband is a citizen of the US and I have lived down there before for close to ten years. I lived in Montana, Idaho, Arizona, Colorado and Utah for a short time. We moved back up here to Ontario Canada around five years ago to settle down and be close to my family but my husband and I miss the mountains and being close to all the fun things like the Oregon Coast!

It’s a little scary in the US right now so matter what side of the *wall* you happen to find yourself but I’m hoping in the end the great United States of America will win, so I am getting my PR card and settling down over west somewhere.

I still have to deal with some issues but I hope being around such beautiful places and not being so isolated I will be able to handle to handle all that

I know this post seems boring but I had to make that step and put it in writing that we are going. Wish me luck that it won’t be a long wait!

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