To Forgive or Not To Forgive

There are people in this world today who will try to tell you that for your own good you should forgive those abusers that beat us on a daily basis, the people that have hurt you emotionally to the core of your soul, the perverts who rape us, the pedophile who molest our children and the murderers that kill our love ones.

They say it’s only hurting us not to forgive but I am here to tell you another way based on my life and my experience, a way based on true facts.

I am 58 years old living my life as normally as one can who is suffering from chronic pain and a significance number of mental illnesses brought on by one or more of the cruel f&*kheads mentioned above. I have my share of hard times and I have moved pass the things that happen to me as much as one possibly can but its not because of I forgave because that is something I will never do. If the dying piece of sh#ts asked for my forgiveness on their dying bed I would just say “forgive yourself A$$wipes” and walk away. Like I said before,  my life is filled with hard times but it is also filled with times of great blessing and forgiving didn’t play a role in any

7955468fba3e1ab131d60b7e56b4e8b4                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Why do people, mostly christains tell us that we should forgive, is it because they know that by forgiving their overall health and life has become better or just because that is what they were conditioned to believe you should do?

Don’t forget and never forgive  Never give the people who hurt you an excuse or pass for them to justify what they did.

Forgiveness frees them not you

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