It’s a beautiful day outside, a little chilly but certainly not bad for the middle of November. I wish someone would tell my joints and nerves that today.

They are all aching so bad. Sometimes I wonder if I really do have Fibromyalgia because what is a flare up if you always in pain and why aren’t my medications working at allNeurons in the brain



I am coming so close to just giving up, seriously what is the point of looking to the future if all you can see is pain.




There is never a moment in the day when I am not aware of a part of my body in pain. I never get any relief. Some days I like to go out and shop and look through thrift stores and flea markets, I always get through it but by the end of the day my body is just one pain and I often end up somewhere crying and begging some God to please give me some relief



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