Places I have lived and left (Boise ID)

It’s so nice here today. The rain is falling but not pouring and there is a nice warm breeze blowing. I decided to take my tea outside and enjoy this wonderful morning. I was just taking in the beauty around me and I started to recall all the beautiful places I have lived since I began my journey with Mike.


March of 2002 we had a small U-Haul truck with the contents being a very big microwave and stand, a secondhand bed, a small black and white TV and some new things from Christmas gifts, yellow oven mitts, doll, computer and knife set and we set out for  Boise Idaho Believe it or not I even drove our car almost 4 hours behind the U-Haul. We were like two kids just starting out and here we were both of us 40ish and ready for whatever life would bring us as long as we were together we could live through anything. Before we took the truck back we went to the Salvation army and got a sofa and a table with chairs we were always afraid to sit on 🙂

We moved into a cimage212ute one bedroom . I remember they had a really bad problem with ants there but what I remember the most was the fun we had. I couldn’t work because I wasn’t a permanent resident yet but Mike worked and every weekend we would get things ready and go out exploring, we would always take a picnic basket with us and there was no happier time. I went hiking for goodness sake 🙂  It was there that we also had some unpleasant times because we both had things we had to work out from our previous marriages.

When people ask where I am from originally because of my accent I would always say Boise ID because that place is where I felt my character grew and I became a different person, instead of a person that lived for drama and noise I now craved quietness and peace and it was there in that tiny ant infested apartment I found that and I truly fell in love with my best friend and knew I wanted his companionship for the rest of my life. It was there January 03 2003 we went to city hall and got out marriage license and got married. Mike’s mom and dad and niece and nephew came up from Utah and shared in our joy.

We stayed there in Boise for another 15 months, I applied for my Permanent Resident and we lived everyday building our life and that is why I still believe to this day that Boise Idaho is where I found my first home ……. Mike and I starting a journey that would bring so much our way and bless us in a way that was way beyond anything we could have dreamed of.

“You held my hand
When it was cold
When I was lost
You took me home
You gave me love
When I was at the end
And turned my lies
Back into truth again You even called me ‘friend'”




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